A new mobility experience
From "Yaesu".

If you explore the city from a different perspective and speed than usual,
I'm sure you'll see new scenery.

[Machimobi] was born in "Tokyo Midtown Yaesu",
“Electric mobility” “RODEM” and “rickshaw”
Experience nostalgia and freshness at the same time.
Two mobility experiences await you.

You can start sightseeing right away from Yaesu, Tokyo's mobility hub.
Now, discover a new Tokyo with a new mobility experience.

electric mobility
From Yaesu to Nihonbashi

RODEM is a futuristic mobility that allows you to enjoy a mobility experience like never before. This is a city tour of Nihonbashi, an ever-changing city that combines tradition and trends. The instructor will introduce you to the special "Nihonbashi".

Usage fee

Required time/approx. 1.5 hours
1,000 yen per time
(tax included, 1 car)

〈Tour start time/3 times each day〉
①10:00~ ②13:00~ ③15:00~

*Maximum number of simultaneous reservations is 2.
○Must be 16 years or older to ride alone
○Persons under 10 years old can ride with their guardian.

○Persons aged 10 to under 16 must be accompanied by a guardian when riding alone.
(*1 to 1. One parent cannot watch two people)

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In a tasteful rickshaw
Nihonbashi from Yaesu
A quick tour

Why not enjoy a leisurely tour of the city on a rickshaw that gives you both a retro atmosphere and a fresh feeling? The shop steward is a professional in town, so he has a wealth of information. You can experience a different kind of Tokyo, different from walking, different from cycling or driving. It also has a hat for rainy days, so it's not affected by the weather.

Usage fee

Time required/approx. 1 hour
15,400 yen
(tax included, per person)

〈Tour start time/up to 4 times each day〉
①10:00~ ②11:30~
③13:00~ ④15:00~

*Available for up to 2 passengers.

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Access to Machimobi


2-1-4 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tokyo Midtown Yaesu Yaesu Central Square


Directly connected underground to JR/Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line "Tokyo" Station (via Yaesu Underground Mall),
3 minutes walk from Kyobashi Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line.
6 minutes walk from Nihonbashi Station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, Ginza Line, and Toei Asakusa Line



*It may be difficult to respond by phone, such as during guided tours.
If you cannot connect, please use the contact form.

business hours

9:30AM-17:30PM (Irregular holidays)